Morro ALTO agencia de marketing cachoeiro
Morro ALTO agencia de marketing cachoeiro

Hourglass Funnel in Marketing: An Innovative Approach to Maximizing Consumer Engagement

Written by : MORRO ALTO

Tags : Marketing Funnel

Discover how the hourglass funnel is revolutionizing the customer journey and optimizing conversion in an era of digital marketing.

The traditional marketing funnel, which directs customers from broad awareness to narrow conversion, is being reimagined in the form of an hourglass funnel. This innovative approach aims to maximize consumer engagement by offering a journey that is as broad as it is deep.
The hourglass funnel begins with an awareness phase, like the traditional funnel, where customers are introduced to a product or service. However, the crucial difference lies in the second part, where the funnel widens. Here, instead of simply directing customers towards a single conversion, the aim is to engage them in an ongoing relationship. This includes creating relevant content, such as blogs, webinars, social networks and personalized emails, which keep customers interested and informed.
The third phase of the hourglass funnel is where conversion takes place, but in the context of an ongoing relationship. Customers are more involved, more confident and therefore more likely to convert. This marketing approach creates deeper loyalty, generating repeat customers and brand advocates. The hourglass funnel is an effective marketing strategy in an age of information saturation. It recognizes that customers are looking for more than a transaction; they want a meaningful relationship with brands. This innovative approach allows companies not only to win customers, but also to keep them for the long term, generating sustainable results and deep engagement with the consumer base. In a world where customer engagement is key, the hourglass funnel is shaping the future of marketing.
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